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The World De Nrrue

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The World De Nrrue
  • Item Code : AC117
  • Quantity : 2 Discs
  • Dialogue : Japanese
  • Subtitle : Chinese/English/Off
  • Region : All
  • Region, Free Code
  • Disc Type : DVD9 x 2
  • Screen : 4:3
  • Audio : Ac3, 2.0
  • Series Type : TV Series
  • System : Ntsc
  • Episodes : 1-12
  • Running Time : 12 x 25 Mins Synopsis: Alternative title: ????? (Japanese) Narue no Sekai (Japanese) Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity) Genres: Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction Director: Hiromitsu Morita Plot Summary: Iizuka Kazuto is a 14 year old boy who meets a somewhat weird but cute and charming girl named Narue Nanase who claims she is an Alien. The show is about the trials and tribulations of the young couple as they get to know each other. Running time: half hour Number of episodes: 12 Episode titles: We have 12 in 2 disc Vintage: 2003-04-05 to 2003-06-28 Opening Theme: "Shooting Star" by CooRie Ending Theme: "Ice Cream" by Saeko Chiba