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SIMFORT LUEHA Ultra Advanced Hair Regrowth Formula


All it takes is a simple post-shower spritz.

LUEHA wasn’t only designed to be effective – but also easy.

Because today’s men don’t need another thing to remember to do, or another long and annoying step-by-step process to add to their routine.

LUEHA’s impressively all-natural formula gets to work the second it meets the scalp, providing molecular nutrition, instigating hair growth, and jumpstarting hair follicles on even the most direly bald heads.

Specially formulated to pierce the scalp and saturate stubborn hair follicles from every angle

Promotes local blood circulation to delivery oxygen and nutrients the way your body was designed to

Moisturizes and soften scalp, making it a fertile and welcoming place for new hair to sprout

LUEHA: Natural, Powerful, And Dermatologist Approved


Straight From The Earth To Your Scalp

No side effects here! Naturally potent, organic ingredients are what make LUEHA so powerful. Our proprietary recipe contains things like swertia japonica extract (for blood circulation) and dipotassium glycyrrhizate (to make the scalp more fertile and hair-friendly). 

We also add a kick of diphenhydramine to immediately hinder future hair loss and stop negative progress in its tracks. 


So Easy A Kid Could Do It

Take a shower, give your head a quick towel rub so you’re not dripping wet, then give your head a few generous sprays wherever you’re experiencing hair thinning – that’s it!

The powerful spray picks up from there, improving blood flow, softening the scalp’s surface to make it more receptive to new growth, and giving your head a jolt of the vitamins and minerals needed to basically force hair to grow.


Dermatologists Give It One Big Thumb’s Up

A team of Japanese dermatologists unanimously found that softening the scalp is the “missing link” of regrowing lost hair – and that’s what LUEHA does best. 

When the scalp is permeable, hydrated, and nutrient-rich, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for new hair to sprout.

Include: 1 Bottle of Simfort Lueha Spray

1. Deep Scalp Penetration

LUEHA’s special formula penetrates deeper than most hair growth serums, ensuring your follicles get the right molecular nutrition to boost your natural hair growth processes.

2. Promotes Better Local Blood Circulation

By helping to stimulate blood flow to your scalp, LUEHA makes it easier for your body to deliver sufficient oxygen and nutrients to your follicles and newly grown hair.

3. Moisturizes and Softens

LUEHA’s nourishing hair spray contains gently moisturizing and skin softening properties that promote healthier hair follicles and make your scalp an ideal place for thicker hair growth.