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Gunparade Orchestra Vol. 1 & 2

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Ac3116 0102a

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Gunparade Orchestra Vol. 1 & 2
  • Item Code : AC3116-0102a
  • Quantity : 2
  • Dialogue : Japanese
  • Subtitle : English /Off
  • Region : All
  • Region, Free Code
  • Disc Type : DVD9x2
  • Screen : 4:3
  • Audio : Ac3 2.0 / 5.1 Channel / Dts 5.1 Channel
  • Series Type : TV Series
  • System : NTSC
  • Episodes : 1-24
  • Running Time : Approximately 24x25 mins Synopsis: Genres: Drama, Mecha, Military, Romance, Science Fiction, Slice of Life Chief Director: Yutaka Sato Director: Toshiya Shinohara Series Composition: Kousuke Fukushima Music: Hikaru Nanase , Masayoshi Furukawa Character Design: Kazuhiko Tamura , Kazuhiko Tanaka Art director: Kazuhiro Arai Mecha design: Hiroshi Ogawa Plot Summary: The story focuses and revolves around the 108th Guard Squad, stationed in Aomori. A poorly equipped unit with very little military standing, it is often viewed as a 'reject camp' for pilots not making the grade for the elite units based in Hokkaido. The apparent helpless nature of this force is hardly a deterrent for the encroaching enemy armies, ever closing in on both the 108th and the rest of the empire. The young pilots of the 108th, who had dreamed on returning home, are plunged forcefully and unwillingly into a war. Running time: 24 minutes Number of episodes: 24 Episode titles: We have 24 Vintage: 2005-10-04 Opening Theme: "Faze to love" by Miyuki Hashimoto Ending Theme: "Futari ga wasurenai" by Aki Misato