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Crazy Shrine Maidens ~ Tv Series Perfect Collection English Dubbed

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Crazy Shrine Maidens ~ Tv Series Perfect Collection Item Code : MA.598E Quantity : 2 Dialogue : Japanese Subtitle : English/Off Region : All Region, Free Code Disc Type : DVD5x2 Screen : 16:9 Audio : Ac3, 2.0 Channel Series Type : Tv Series System : NTSC Episodes : 1-14 Running Time : Approximately 14x24 mins Synopsis: Genres: comedy, drama, magic, romance Themes: goddesses, twins Director: Yutaka Yamamoto Series Composition: Hideyuki Kurata Script: Hideyuki Kurata, Tatsuya Takahashi, Toru Honda Screenplay: Hideyuki Kurata Music: Satoru Kousaki Original creator: Eri Takenashi Character Design: Kakeru Mima Art Director: Atsushi Morikawa Chief Animation Director: Satoshi Kadowaki Plot Summary: An art student named Jin Mikuriya carves a statue from the wood of the Kannagi tree only to have the statue come to life in the form of a goddess, who has now taken over the statue. He and "Nagi" work together to destroy the impurities that are gathering in the town. Running time: 24 minutes per episode Number of episodes: 14 Episode titles: We have 14 Vintage: 2008-10-04 to 2008-12-27 Opening Theme: "motto Hade ni ne! " by Haruka Tomatsu Ending Theme: "Musuhi no Toki " by Haruka Tomatsu #2: "Shirigeya no theme" by Satoru Kousaki (ep 10) #3: "motto Hade ni ne! " by Haruka Tomatsu (ep 13)